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Music Class

Summer Camps 2021


This summer camp, for ages 12-16, is a one week intensive introduction to playing music in a band setting with other students. Basic rhythms, techniques and rehearsal skills will be the focus with the end goal being a short performance at the end of the week. Students will learn 2-3 songs and about the fundamental building blocks found in all music. There is a maximum of six student per camp. 

Class goals: 
Rhythm study
Rock instrument exploration
Power chords
Reading tabs
Playing well together


Class runs from 9-12:30, Monday-Friday, from July 19th to July 23rd. Cost is $400 per student.

We are ready for summer!  We invite your children, ages 5-11 years old of all skills levels, to join us in our 2021 summer camp.

The Summer Music Camp is open to beginners and focuses on introducing instruments, music theory, rhythm and beats, fun games, and much more! 

Come for one week or all four. Dates are as follows:
June 7-11
June 14-18
July 5-9
July 12-16

Seats are limited. Contact us today to register. 

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